Administrative law interacts closely with almost all other areas of law and concerns matters that require any form of interaction with, or approval from, a public authority. Under Cypriot Law the decision of any public body or authority that affects the rights of an individual or a company can be challenged in the Administrative Courts. The Courts can then either confirm or annul that decision. Consequently, the right of challenge is extremely wide and extends from challenges relating to decisions taken regarding the payment or non-payment of state benefits, the promotion of civil servants in the public (and wider public) sector, to challenges relating to planning and licencing large developments, or the refusal to grant to a financial institution a licence to operate. The Firm has unique experience relating to the financial sector, including administrative challenges in relation to the Capital Control and EU Resolution Directives, including referrals to the ECJ in cooperation with internationally acclaimed foreign EU experts.

Our Services

Our services include:

  • Preparing and filing administrative actions against a variety of public bodies, as well as making applications for urgent interim relief before the Administrative Court
  • Advising on the legal and practical aspects of administrative actions
  • Liaising and communicating with local and governmental authorities regarding administrative decisions and the filing of objections as a precursor to initiating an administrative action
  • Successfully taking up cases before the Administrative Court and the Supreme Court (on appeal) relating to a wide variety of administrative actions including those relating to the application of EU law, town planning and zoning issues, corporate immigration, financial regulation, imposition of customs duties, public tender awards and public appointments
  • Providing Wealth Preservation Planning

About us

George Z. Georgiou & Associates LLC is an award-winning, Cypriot law firm undertaking work in the fields of: Arbitration; Banking & Compliance; Commercial; Corporate & Tax; Data Protection; Employment & Pensions; Intellectual Property & Media; Litigation & International Commercial Litigation; Real Estate & Construction; and all other areas of Cypriot law.