GZG Academy

The GZG Academy provides bespoke lectures, seminars, training sessions, workshops and breakfast meetings on all aspects of Cypriot law. We pride ourselves on ensuring the content, timing and duration of the training we provide is aimed at the level of personnel attending. All training is specifically tailored to your needs and the needs of your organisation.

Emphasis is placed on practical training in English, Greek or other languages, depending on the subject which participants can utilise immediately. With the assistance of experienced colleagues from abroad, the GZG Academy also provides training on aspects of Cypriot law within an international context. Facilities used are our HRDA approved training rooms, hotels, dedicated conference facilities or at client premises, according to specific needs.

Upcoming Seminars

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The GZG Academy provides a range of services including:
Provision of training on management issues and human resources management courses
Practical training for lawyers and other professionals
Provision of assistance with obtaining HRDA sponsorship for training delivered by us (where appropriate)
Evaluation of the training needs of individuals and groups within specific enterprises
Staff recruitment services
Temporary administration of HR Departments
Organisation of breakfast meetings at which “hot topics” including important recent court decisions, new laws and regulations, and other topical legal issues are discussed and analysed by experts
Organisation of local and international conferences on legal topics of current interest
Event-planning and assistance in organising events for professionals (conferences, social activities, networking activities, team-building exercises etc.)