ESG Impact Week 2023


Ius Laboris ESG Impact Week 2023 included a diverse set of activities
addressing a range of social and environmental issues. This collaboration is part of our engagement in supporting local communities and creating awareness.  

The week included clothes collection, displaying the importance of reusing and recycling materials, and how we can act responsibly and move towards sustainable fashion. A documentary on sustainable fashion was introduced to the team.

Our activities also included a cleanup in the center of Nicosia. We collected 8 garbage bags of litter, including recyclable materials, food waste, electronics, construction waste and more.  Thank you to the Nicosia Municipality for providing us with the necessary equipment.

We further dipslayed the award-winning documentary food for thought (not yet publicly available), courtesy of Friends of the Earth Cyprus, and produced by Giorgos Stylianou, which portrays the challenges faced by young people in the field of food production in rural areas in Cyprus, and their battles for equal access to quality, local produce.

Going beyond legal & regulatory work, and dedicating time to create awareness and discuss social and environmental issues are key components of our firm operations.

clean up nicosia


Key Contacts

Kenneth Cuschieri

Head of HR, Marketing, and Facilities

Tereza Mouzouri

Communications & Marketing

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