GZG Tech


Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives.  Never before has it been more important for businesses to adopt new systems that do the job and are legally sound.  From individuals and start-ups to multi-national companies, every person and organisation relies on technology.
The GZG Tech Team combine their legal and business expertise to help clients with the daily running of their business, drafting and negotiating agreements, solving complex problems, understanding regulatory and legal issues and acting in contentious matters.  George Z Georgiou & Associates LLC’s long-established departments of banking, real estate, data protection, employment, intellectual property and litigation provide specialised advice and experience on those areas when required.
GZG Tech provides clients with information about the most important innovative advances in technology.  It collaborates closely with external IT experts, programmers, engineers etc.  in order to provide a complete service to clients.
The GZG Tech team advises on legal matters relating to (but not limited to):

•    Fintech
•    Regtech
•    Insurtech
•    Healthtech
•    Proptech
•    Distributed ledger technologies
•    Internet of Things
•    Information technology
•    Machine learning
•    Electronic commerce
•    Blockchain
•    Crypto-assets
•    Artificial Intelligence
•    Software, app and website development agreements

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