Our Dispute Resolution team attended the 10th FLA Dinner in London


Our Dispute Resolution team attended the 10th Fraud Lawyers Association's Annual Dinner. George Z. Georgiou, Romanos Loizides, Dan Gardener, Agathi Zervou, Maya Athanatou, Phoebe Papageorgi, Tatiana Chlorakiotou and Chara Charalambidou joined the event to discuss legal trends and developments. Find out more about the Fraud Lawyers Association: https://www.thefraudlawyersassociation.org.uk/

Team members

Maya Athanatou


Chara Charalambidou


Tatiana Chlorakiotou

Senior Lawyer

Dan Gardener

Solicitor England & Wales - Partner

George Z. Georgiou

Managing Partner

Romanos V. Loizides

Partner - Head of Dispute Resolution

Phoebe Papageorgi


Agathi Zervou

Senior Lawyer

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